What to Look For in a Newborn Bottle

If you’re new to feeding your newborn baby, there are some important considerations you’ll want to make about your baby’s bottle. First, it’s important to remember that your baby is in control of the milk flow and can stop eating when he wants a break or when he releases his nipple. If your baby starts to become restless, you can give him a break by turning the bottle to the side and tipping it down.

Angle-neck bottles are easier to hold

Angle-neck bottles for newborn babies are easier for parents to clean and hold. These bottles can be purchased individually or in multi-packs. A five-oz. bottle can accommodate a newborn baby with a good latch and is designed with an anti-colic vent system that helps your baby develop a proper feeding technique. This also reduces burping and spitting up, and helps in digestion. Another benefit of an angle-neck bottle is that it is easier to pour formula.

Dr. Brown’s bottles reduce colic

The Dr. Brown’s newborn bottles reduce colic by using a venting system that prevents air from coming into contact with the milk. This helps reduce air bubbles in the milk and also reduces fussiness and gas. The bottles are also equipped with a cleaning brush and travel caps.

Dr. Brown’s bottles reduce spit-up

The best newborn bottle on the market is the Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow, a two-piece design that creates a controlled flow of air and milk. This feature reduces spit-up, gas, and colic. Its air-venting system also prevents nipples from collapsing.

Dr. Brown’s bottles reduce gas

Many parents are concerned about gas, but Dr. Brown’s bottles are designed with an internal vent to keep air from coming into contact with the liquid. This can help reduce gas and fussiness. The bottle has a wide neck that helps your baby nurse comfortably. It is also compact, so you can easily put it in your diaper bag.

Dr. Brown’s bottles are safe

These bottles are made of pharmaceutical-grade borosilicate glass, silicone nipples, and a plastic venting system. They are also dishwasher safe. Some of the bottles feature silicone sleeves to make them easier to grip.

Dr. Brown’s bottles are made of silicone

These bottles are made of silicone and can withstand boiling water for two to three minutes. They feature silicone nipples that mimic the shape of a mom’s breast for easy latching. They are also heat-resistant and can withstand sterilization.

Dr. Brown’s bottles are made of latex

While you may be wondering whether Dr. Brown’s baby newborn bottles are made of latex, they are definitely made of latex. This material is safe for your baby. You can even wash them in the dishwasher. They do have a plastic smell when heated, though.

Medela bottles are made of glass

Medela bottles are made of glass for your baby’s safety and to keep breast milk fresh. They are dishwasher safe and have screw-on lids that prevent leaks. You can also safely put the bottles in the freezer to prevent freezer burn. And the bottles are easy to clean. Medela’s bottles are BPA-free, making them a great choice for parents who are concerned about the safety of their babies. One downside to plastic bottles is that they can break if dropped, or the nipple may rub off.