Newborn Baby Cologne and Fragrance-Free Products

New born baby cologne and fragrancefree products

Newborn babies possess a distinct aroma that is both pleasant and comforting, activating their mother’s neurological reward circuit and creating an instantaneous bond.

Perfumes can add an attractive aroma to a baby, but they must contain only natural ingredients and no harmful chemicals. When selecting your perfume for use on sensitive skin such as your child’s, opt for one that has been dermatologically tested and is alcohol-free and dermatologically approved to maximize protection.

Johnson’s Happy Berry Baby Cologne

Johnson’s Happy Berry Baby Cologne offers a refreshing scent to keep your child smelling sweet all day long. With no parabens or alcohol content and offering an after-bath cool feeling, Johnson’s Happy Berry Cologne provides a pleasant fragrance while being dermatologist tested and safe to use on infants.

The Jafra Tender Moments Fresh Baby Cologne is an elegant fragrance, designed to complement and highlight your child’s beauty with its captivating aromas of summer lily, white rose, pink peony and muguet. Perfect for everyday use this natural baby perfume is also infused with chamomile for everyday comfort – its non-sticky spray allows it to perfume clothes, linen and other surfaces easily without sticking.

Natura’s perfume contains organic ingredients like squalane, coconut oil and natural antioxidants that are safe for delicate skin, including newborns and toddlers alike. This non-greasy lotion can be applied directly onto body and neck areas for maximum hydrating action and provides mild yet uplifting fragrance for newborns or toddlers.

Mustela Musti Eau De Soin Spray is a natural baby perfume formulated using 97% plant-derived ingredients that helps soothe and calm babies with its floral scents of honey, lilac and rose. Alcohol free for safety of use on newborns. Ideal as an bedtime ritual between parents and kids for bonding rituals during bedtime routine. Easy application makes this perfect travel size perfume an excellent present choice for new moms as well as their child(ren).

Baby Magic Cologne

Baby Magic Cologne is an alcohol-free formula designed to leave your baby smelling clean and fresh after bath time or as an additional boost during the day. Perfect for newborns and beyond, this hypoallergenic cologne is free from coconut, gluten, lanolin nickel MCI/MI soy and mineral oils – keeping baby safe!

New Baby is an exquisite linear fragrance, which adds depth and complexity to many personal blends. As one of Demeter Classic fragrances, New Baby took 15 years to develop before reaching shelves – featuring fresh green citrus notes with apple undertones that is popular among Demeter Fragrance Library customers.

Mustela Musti Eau De Soin Spray

Mustela’s Musti Eau de Soin Spray will keep baby smelling fabulous with 92% plant-based ingredients like Chamomile and Honey extracts to gently soften skin, and can also be applied behind ears, on necks or wrists to gently fragrance clothing or linens.

Delicate fragrance combining notes of citrus, rose and lilac that will captivate babies and children with tenderness and happiness from birth onward. Safe for use from birth onward.

This relaxing spray contains extracts of Chamomile and Honey to calm and comfort. Ideal for delicately perfuming baby’s clothing, pajamas and linens without harming sensitive skin, hypoallergenic, free from alcohol, parabens and phthalates and dermatology/pediatrically tested.

This alcohol-free cologne offers a gentle way to refresh and revitalize your baby throughout the day, perfect for use on necks, wrists or behind ears. The delicate scent combines subtle notes of rose, lilac and amber; making this an excellent product to use with both newborns as well as older infants. Mustela has long been recognized for their safe products that respect all skins, humans, and the environment. Based on scientific research and clinical trials, their products have been trusted by parents since 1950. Mustela is an industry leader when it comes to safe skincare for newborns, babies and children. All their products are created ethically with input from an in-house team of scientists and physicians; moreover they’re members of both The Natural Products Association and Ecocert.

Mimitos Baby Cologne

Baby colognes and perfumes should be free from irritating chemicals to ensure their safe use by both newborns and infants. Such chemicals are found in many skin care products and may lead to itching, rashes, or irritation in babies with sensitive skin or eczema. Fragrance chemicals also present potential respiratory irritants when inhaled; inhaling too much may even pose risk, while some such as phthalates may even prove hazardous in small quantities.

These fragrances for babies are free from potentially irritating ingredients and feature only gentle blends of fragrance that will keep your infant smelling great. Plus, their self-preserving vegan formula is safe for newborns and infants – you can safely spray these directly onto skin, clothing or linens after each bath or diaper change for maximum freshness!

Mustela Fragrance-Free Baby Wash and Shampoo, made with soothing chamomile essence, makes for the best fragrance-free body wash available to infants and young children. This foaming cleanser is suitable for newborns as well as babies with sensitive or dry, itchy skin – not to mention being free from soap, sulfates, parabens and phthalates; making this an excellent product!