Must-Haves For Your Baby Registry Checklist

Musthave items for new born baby registry checklist

Registering for gifts before giving birth can be a wonderful way of gathering support from friends and family alike. While registering can include almost anything, every parent-to-be requires certain essential items.

As soon as your newborn arrives home from the hospital, they require a car seat for safe travels home and daily rides thereafter. Furthermore, you need a sturdy crib with firm mattress to ensure their wellbeing and protection.

1. Baby Monitor

Baby monitors are the ideal way to keep an eye on your newborn even when you aren’t present in their room. Make sure the Wi-Fi model you purchase features updated firmware that could close any potential security vulnerabilities and that its smartphone apps remain up-to-date.

Good monitors should include a receiver that features volume control so you can adjust the sound without losing track of what your child is saying, while some models also come equipped with displays that light up when your baby cries or other noises occur – this feature proved especially helpful if using it in an apartment with loud neighbors! Other useful features may include night vision, two-way talk radio, room-temperature indicators and remote pan, tilt, and zoom capabilities.

Some of the smarter models we reviewed may provide more features than you need. For instance, Miku Pro Breathing and Sleep Tracking Monitor focuses heavily on health analytics that you may never use (though it does offer a free subscription of seven days worth of data for free use). Unfortunately, pairing issues were noted in our tests, making this device quite pricey.

Registry lists may seem intimidating at first, but keep this in mind: you will only receive what’s on your list. If you’re concerned with having too much stuff, try using Babylist’s service that allows you to combine products from multiple retailers into one registry. Or just ask friends with kids what items they recommend — knowing that ultimately what your child requires will determine which items make the cut!

2. Baby Bottle Warmer

Bottle warmers are a classic registry must, especially for breastfeeding moms. This model from The First Years not only warms breast milk or formula, but it can also keep pumped and frozen breast milk fresh for up to 8 hours! Plus, its cool function means two bottles can fit at the same time!

Newborns should be fed regularly–often eight or more times each day!–and plenty of swaddle blankets will come in handy. Swaddling helps newborns sleep during feeds while making it easier for dads, siblings and visitors to snuggle them close during those times when needed.

Nursing pillows are essential accessories for new moms who plan to breastfeed or bottle-feed, both during feeding time and playtime! Nursing pillows offer valuable support for neck and back support as well as providing playtime entertainment!

An infant food blender can be an invaluable addition to the kitchen of any new mom. It will enable you to easily create healthy baby foods at home in much less time than it takes purchasing them from stores.

If you want to try making your own baby food, a high-quality blender is essential. Look for models with dishwasher-safe lids for easier cleanup.

3. Diapers

No matter your choice of diapering method – disposable or cloth – be sure to register for multiple packs of each size in a range of sizes. Newborn babies tend to quickly outgrow their diapers; having multiple packs in different sizes on hand could save a trip out. Baby wipes will come in handy during playtime for cleaning off sticky fingers or spilled drinks!

Your registry should include an easy-to-clean changing pad for diapering duties during those first few months; having a comfortable spot to do it all makes your work much simpler!

As you create your baby registry, keep this in mind: this tool should serve to help your friends and family prepare you for your new arrival. Don’t feel pressured into including every item found at mega-baby stores such as wipe warmers or baby bouncers that may take up valuable space that could otherwise be dedicated to more useful gifts such as onesie or swaddle blanket gifts.

When selecting the ideal store to register with, be sure that it offers competitive prices and a selection of products for all budgets. In addition, some retailers provide special deals or discounts exclusively for registrants to save even more money!

4. Wipes

Newborns can be messy, so make sure to add wipes to your baby registry. A quality brand like Huggies will last long and be soft, absorbent and gentle on their sensitive noses. Another essential is an Oogiebear — a flexible plastic attachment which removes sticky, dried-on boogers from babies’ noses quickly and effectively.

Register for a quality set of baby towels; some brands feature rough textures that could cause harm, so look for soft and gentle options such as those from Mustela. Also essential: an easily-washable changing pad is an absolute must!

Don’t forget to register for extras such as bottle nipples and teething toys! Bottle nipples tend to wear down quickly, and should be regularly replaced – having 2-3 pairs on hand so one is always available in your diaper bag is a good idea. Teething necklaces may look cute but can pose serious choking and strangulation risks for babies; for this reason it is safer and more effective to choose safe yet effective teething toys such as Sophie the Giraffe or Comotomo silicone teethers instead.

Parents typically begin registering for baby items between 12-14 weeks pregnant. You can do this either before or after finding out your baby’s gender; some prefer finding out during a mid-pregnancy ultrasound at 20 weeks, while others wait until delivery day to discover it. Either way, both boys and girls require a crib to sleep in as well as diapers to do their business – both must-have items on any registry list!

5. Diaper Bag

Your baby registry allows your friends and family to know exactly which gifts you most need in preparation for a new arrival, such as bassinets, onesies, bottles, pacifiers, formula and more. For added cuteness you could even include some adorable newborn outfits – adding this extra touch will surely delight!

Diaper bags are essential accessories that should always be handy, from keeping essentials like diapers and wipes close at hand, to helping keep you from carrying an excessive load when out and about or grocery shopping. When searching for one you should select something stylish yet functional – with this model offering features such as extra diaper pockets and wipes storage as well as four strap options (backpack style, flat shoulder straps and chain). Furthermore, it even clips on easily to your stroller for easy accessibility!

Babies require ample sleep, and swaddling them is a surefire way to ensure they get it. Be sure to include soft swaddle blankets on your baby registry, along with tools for wrapping tight. Mamas can add breastfeeding pillows as support during early months to alleviate back pain; don’t forget our Nursing Comfort Balm as natural nipple cream!

If you are expecting your second child, if your first one is still in good condition you may opt to forgo bassinet and onesies from this list and instead purchase an additional carseat base, Lovevery play gym/kit, back pack diaper bag and an additional bottle warmer instead. Also note that research has demonstrated they aren’t necessary for infant safety!