Essential Oils Safe For New Born Baby Massage and Aromatherapy

Essential oils safe for new born baby massage and aromatherapy

Newborn babies are particularly sensitive to essential oils due to their underdeveloped bodies, and overexposure could cause adverse reactions if overexposed to such powerful chemicals.

There are numerous essential oils that can be safely and effectively used to comfort newborns, such as palmarosa EO with antiseptic properties and cedarwood EO with soothing properties.

1. Lavender

Lavender essential oil is one of the safest essential oils to use with babies and toddlers, helping them sleep soundly, soothe emotions and alleviate indigestion/comfort. Furthermore, lavender may assist in relieving colic symptoms as well as relieving eczema/diaper rash/heat rashes/itchy insect bites/fever/coughing congestion symptoms and relieving colic pain/colic.

Lavender essential oil has anti-inflammatory and anxiety relieving properties, making it ideal for newborn baby massage and aromatherapy. The scent of lavender is gentle enough for newborns while being safe enough for older babies and children too. Lavender also does not irritate sensitive areas like faces, eyes, mouths and ears when used on baby massage sessions – however only 0.5% to 2% of the total oil blend should include lavender essential oil for best results.

Selecting and purchasing high-quality lavender oil from a reliable source is essential. Look for one that has been carefully distilled and tested, as well as one with an informative label which specifies its common and Latin names, the part of the plant from which oil was extracted, country of origin and method of production. Oil should also be free from additives or other chemicals that could potentially irritate their delicate skin, including sweet birch (sweet), wintergreen, ylang-ylang, thyme or eucalyptus oils, which have proven themselves as dermal irritants for newborns and children of all ages. If essential oil reaches your child’s eyes, be sure to flush them immediately with cold water and seek medical attention if necessary. Also avoid direct sunlight after applying essential oil as this could result in sunburn.

2. Geranium

Geranium oil has a mild floral scent that helps soothe, calm, and balance our emotions. It provides relaxation benefits like soothing irritated skin and alleviating anxiety while treating respiratory conditions and aiding digestion. When added to carrier oils it can be massaged onto baby’s back, shoulders, chest, feet, belly etc. for them to sleep more soundly – however exposure to direct sunlight should be avoided after application of Geranium.

As suggested by the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians, infants and babies should only come into direct contact with undiluted essential oils through inhalation or touch. A diffuser can help the child inhale it more safely – just be sure to follow all applicable directions for use as each oil may have different guidelines.

Before nursing, applying a few drops of oil mixed with carrier oil directly to the nipples may help ease colic and an itch-causing rash, and adding several more drops to baby’s nose may provide soothing comfort and promote calmness.

However, it’s important to remember that certain essential oils can be harmful to babies and should never be used on them, including Birch (sweet), Wintergreen, Helichrysum yarrow clove bud or Eucalyptus essential oil which are known to irritate skin. It’s always wise to consult an aromatherapist or physician when selecting essential oils for babies and infants as a few of these may prove toxic; using diluted essential oil is the most efficient way of taking advantage of aromatherapy’s benefits.

3. Peppermint

Essential oil of lavender is an ideal remedy for soothing infant stomachs. Additionally, its antiseptic and sedative properties help ease colic symptoms as well as provide antibacterial protection. Just a few drops in some carrier oil such as sunflower, grape seed or coconut will soothe baby’s discomfort while soothing fussy behavior.

Peppermint oil’s menthol content provides both analgesic and cooling benefits, making it ideal for soothing sore muscles and joints, including children’s cold remedies. Furthermore, its antiseptic properties help combat infections as well as provide antimicrobial support against potential complications.

Peppermint can be applied directly onto the skin or mixed with carrier oils before topically applying topically. However, certain essential oils should not be used on infants with sensitive skin: Birch (sweet), Wintergreen and Eucalyptus Radiata/Helichrysum Indicum are not advised; nor are hyssop (Helichrysum Ophiospermum).

Essential oils made of pure, organic and unadulterated essential oils should always be used when massaging babies. When selecting essential oils, please observe their recommended dilution ratios.

Prior to beginning aromatherapy with your newborn or child, it’s advisable to seek medical advice. Also avoid essential oils with known allergens; their terpenes can react negatively with certain substances including synthetic chemicals and preservatives.

Some parents enjoy massaging their infants with homemade scented oils made from all-natural ingredients, combining various natural scents. One such recipe is DiGize: an oil blend consisting of tarragon, ginger, fennel, peppermint and anise oils which can be safely diluted for infant massage while supporting digestive health.

4. Chamomile

Chamomile essential oil has long been recognized for its antidepressant, anti-inflammatory, and antispasmodic effects; additionally it is often utilized for its relaxing qualities and can even help relax new born babies during massage sessions (3).

Organic Roman Chamomile Essential Oil (Anthemis nobilis) from our organically-cultivated Roman Chamomile farm in Oregon, USA is produced using steam distillation from its delicate daisy-like flowers that grow across its rolling green landscapes. It boasts an exquisitely sweet, intensely diffusive herbal scent with notes of berry, apple, woody-like characteristics lingering at its base.

This oil can help ease breastfeeding discomfort, soothe sore muscles and joints, ease indigestion and assist with insomnia. It may be applied topically on the skin or diffused for maximum efficiency and has an extremely low toxicity level which makes it suitable for infant use (4)

Blends well with other floral essential oils such as Lavender and Ylang ylang; also pair well with citrus oils such as Bergamot; works especially well when combined with doTERRA Balance.

When selecting essential oils for newborn baby massage, it is essential to purchase top-grade, pure oils. Be on the lookout for labels which display Latin names of oils as well as information regarding purity and where the plant was grown; dark-colored bottles help preserve quality oils.

As part of your baby massage, use gentle pressure when massaging the oil into their legs, arms and belly. Always perform a skin patch test first to check for redness or irritation on their skin; if any occurs discontinue use immediately. If in doubt about what step is next speak with a Midwife or Child Health Nurse.

5. Rosemary

Utilizing essential oils during massage therapy can enhance the benefits and make the experience even more soothing. Essential oils are volatile plant extracts with many medicinal and therapeutic uses. To get the most from their usage, consult with an aromatherapist or herbalist.

Baby massage is an effective and natural way to promote infant health and bonding between parent and infant, as well as development of their motor skills. When selecting an oil/carrier oil combination for baby massage sessions, make sure it contains appropriate dilution levels; neonatal skin has high permeability which allows essential oils directly absorb essential oils directly.

When selecting essential oil blends for massage of a newborn baby, always opt for pure and organic versions. Fragrant oils may contain additives which could cause skin irritation; prior to massaging your newborn it is advisable to test a spot sample on their wrist or ankle to see how their skin responds.

Studies have demonstrated the positive results of light infant massage with diluted essential oils on motor activity, stress behaviors and salivary cortisol levels of neonates. Yet further research must be completed in order to fully demonstrate their positive influence.

Essential oils (EOs) suitable for baby massage include chamomile, rosemary and mandarin EOs; their inhaling can help your newborn relax and reduce anxiety levels while rosemary has been shown to boost memory function and cognitive development – plus can relieve colic in babies! Alternatively you could try massaging a mixture of lavender and tea tree oil on their ears to soothe pain associated with ear infections; alternatively our OnGuard blend could support their immunity system and combat common colds or coughs!