Cheap Baby Newborn Diapers

The best baby newborn diapers are made of soft and absorbent materials that fit a baby’s bottom perfectly. Choose ones with adhesive tabs to ensure they stay in place. Use a baby wipe to clean the diaper area from front to back. When changing the diaper, lift the baby up and place the clean one back under the baby. Pull the clean diaper up between the baby’s legs, and check for adhesive tabs and pinched corners. The diaper should fit snugly enough to allow two fingers to fit between the abdomen and the diaper.


Costco baby newborn diapers are an affordable and high-quality option for diapering your newborn baby. The diapers are available in bulk packs that contain 192 diapers per box. You can also buy smaller packages at Amazon and Target for a cheaper price. Amazon also has a subscription service that offers discounts of up to 20 percent on diapers.

These diapers have a nontoxic lining and do not contain chlorine or phthalates. They are also fragrance-, lotion and paraben-free. If you’re concerned about your newborn’s health, you can buy diapers at Costco that are hypoallergenic. These diapers are designed to be as comfortable as possible for your newborn baby.

The most affordable diapers are the size one. They fit newborns from eight to fourteen pounds. As your baby grows, you can switch to size two or size three. Once your baby is at least eight pounds, you can buy a size four diaper. Each size up will cost between $0.03 and $0.08 per diaper.


H-E-B newborn diapers are designed to fit snugly around your baby’s belly button. They feature a soft, stretchable outer-cover and hypoallergenic, waterproof inner-liner. These diapers also have a built-in wetness indicator to help you know when your child is wet. They have a 1% donation program that benefits diaper banks in Texas.

H-E-B diapers are hypoallergenic, and contain an inner liner made of natural botanicals. They also have no fragrance or phthalates. The inner liner contains vitamin E and aloe vera, and they’re fragrance-free. They’re a great option for parents looking for an environmentally friendly diaper.

If you’re on a budget, you can try a cheaper brand such as Parent’s Choice. These diapers are priced at around thirteen cents a diaper for newborns and only 26 cents per diaper for a size seven. This makes them one of the cheapest newborn diapers on the market.

Costco’s Kirkland Supreme

Kirkland Supreme diapers for newborn babies are one of the cheaper options when you’re shopping for diapers for your newborn baby. These diapers are great quality but come in a lower price per diaper compared to premium brands. If you’re a Costco member, you can buy them at Costco. If not, they’re available on Amazon.

The waistband is textured and cozy. It has just the right amount of taut elastic so it stays in place during all sorts of activities. These diapers are great for babies at the lower end of the weight range and can even support babies up to 10 pounds or more.

Kirkland diapers are made by Kimberly Clark, the same company that makes Huggies. These diapers are chlorine-free and contain up to 20% plant-based materials. They do not specify if they are organic, but they are available at Costco stores.

Fine Baby

Fine Baby Newborn Diapers are made with biodegradable materials and a soft inner lining. They also contain a natural high-tech absorbent core and feature a leak barrier. They come in many sizes, including newborn, small, medium, large, and junior. Each one has a built-in elastic waist, a soft ribbon, and an anti-leak barrier.

Fine diapers have been thoroughly tested in globally recognized labs for quality and absorbency. They also meet the highest standards set by the Medical Wellness Association. This organization was established to help parents make the best choices for their babies. The company is also one of the most affordable brands in the region. This means that you’ll save money on each diaper.

Fine Baby Diapers are made of soft cotton and specially designed with a Fast Sorption layer. This layer locks away wetness, keeping the baby’s skin fresh and dry. The diapers are also infused with chamomile lotion to help soothe the skin and prevent chafing. The stretchy sides and back sheet help air flow in, allowing the baby to breathe.