Year Round Swimming For Kids

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Benefits of Year-Round Swim Classes

It can be hard to keep up with your exercise routine once winter sets in. Most people just want to keep warm and stay inside as much as possible as the temperatures plummet, and the thought of going for a jog in the freezing cold is just not appealing. If any of this sounds familiar to you, why not try out swimming during the winter months? You might even find that you like swimming so much that it becomes your favorite year-round exercise. There are so many amazing benefits to swimming for exercise, and it’s one of the best ways to keep your kids active, healthy, and engaged. Here are three distinct advantages to swimming all year round:

Maintaining Physical Health

Swimming gives you an excellent cardiovascular workout with strengthening your muscles at the same time. The resistance that the water provides helps build muscle tone without putting the strain on your bones and joints like weightlifting, running, and even cycling can. Studies have even shown that people who swim on a regular basis are less likely to suffer injuries, especially due to falls or constant stress on their joints. Swimming is an excellent way for people with arthritis and asthma to get some exercise without exacerbating their conditions. The breathing techniques used in swimming are unlikely to trigger asthma, and swimming has been shown to increase lung capacity, which is hugely beneficial for people living with asthma.

Improved Mental Health

Studies have shown that regular cardiovascular exercise is one of the best ways to help lessen the effects of anxiety and depression. It can be incredibly hard to motivate yourself to get outside and exercise during the wintertime – especially if you’re not feeling your best. But with swimming, you can comfortably enjoy indoor cardio exercise all year round. Swimming can either be a relaxing solitary activity or a fun social activity. If you sign up for swim class, you’ll be able to socialize with people who share a common interest with you. Signing up your kids for swim school is also a great way to help them get the exercise they need and make sure they’re able to be safe when playing in or near water.

Retaining Your Skills

By swimming all year round instead of just in the summer months, you’ll maintain your cardiovascular health and muscle tone throughout the entire year. And, because you’re consistently practicing your skills, you’ll get better and better at swimming as time goes on, and you’ll be able to challenge yourself to learn new strokes instead of re-learning the ones you already know year after year.

Swim RVA offers swim classes that are designed to be welcoming and fun for people of all ages and abilities. They offer swim school all year round for children and adults alike, and their passion is making aquatic fitness more accessible to everyone in their community. Swim RVA’s swim school creates a safe, comfortable, engaging environment for children to learn how to swim. It’s been shown that swimming can help kids develop better coordination and balance and even improve their sleep. There are so many benefits to swimming all year round, so why not give it a try?