Write for Us

It would be lovely to read real stories from parents who have experienced preparing for a newborn. If you think you have something interesting and worthy to share, feel free to send your story to Baby’s New Home!

As much as we’d love to publish every reader contribution we receive, we have to ensure the integrity of this blog and each story’s suitability to the interests of our target audience. To make sure your story will get posted here, please observe these guest post guidelines:

  • Length – An article with 300 to 500 words is acceptable. You can go as long as 1,000 words, but it has to be really engaging and interesting enough to read from start to finish.
  • Theme – It can be anything related to baby care. We prefer stories written from the first-person point of view because of authenticity and emotional impact. However, articles that promote certain products or brands will not be published.
  • Images – Original and stock photos are okay as long as no copyright is violated. Also, we won’t publish pictures of your baby, no matter how adorable he or she is. It’s for protecting your child’s safety and privacy.
  • Links – Only links to informative pages are allowed. Links pointing to product pages or commercial pages will be removed.

Other than these pointers, we don’t require much from our possible contributors. Our aim is to encourage discussion on baby care and child rearing through the real-life stories posted on this blog.

Want to send us your story? Please send it to Jerry Young at info@babynewhome.com.