Unable To Get Pregnant?

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Unable To Get Pregnant?

Unforunately, getting pregnant is not always easy for everyone. If you have experienced/experiencing infertility, low sperm, or other issues with conceiving. A place like IVF Phoenix, may be the answer for you. They provide multiple procedures that will help bring that baby home your family has always wanted.

Unexplained Infertility

Imagine this scenario: A couple is having trouble conceiving. They have gone step by step through the raft of customary tests and the “mechanics”, as Dr. Couvaras from IVF Phoenix calls them, are all in working order; the ovaries are plentiful, the sperm is strong. In cases like these, the next phase would be IVF. If the ovarian reserve testing is abnormal, then there are recommendations to consider IVF with donor eggs. It is a long, emotionally and financially fraught process that, despite upwards of three and four tries, will not be successful. Says Dr. Couvaras; ‘The ovary behaves as if it is dead or dying, but it may only be deaf. The trick learning to talk differently to it.”

Low Sperm & Infertility

Male infertility is one of the reasons a couple can’t conceive. Male Infertility is a syndrome encompassing a wide variety of disorders. Recognition of a male factor influence in an infertile partnership is often delayed because women have traditionally been the primary focus of the infertility evaluation. Men are much more reluctant to seek advice. Men are also more apt to confuse fertility with sexual potency, ejaculation and ability to perform sexually, and they assume that if they produce seminal fluid at orgasm then they also produce sperm.


One of your options is IVF-ET. IVF-ET is probably the most well known of the Assisted Reproductive Technologies. Otherwise known as “test tube baby.” IVF-ET has helped many infertile couples conceive and bear children for more than a decade. Originally IVF-ET was developed to help couples overcome infertility due to a problem with a woman’s fallopian tubes. Now it has become a useful treatment option with other factors such as immunological problems or unexplained infertility.

For more information on what may be the problem for not getting pregnant, or what options you may have moving forward, give a fertility expert a call. They will be able to diagnose the problem and provide a solution to becoming a parent.