A Step-by-Step Guide to Create Inexpensive yet Memorable Baby Shower Gift Baskets

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So, you’re going to a baby shower and you have no idea yet what gift to bring. Why don’t you create a baby shower gift basket? Because you’re going to make the gift basket yourself, it will show your thoughtfulness and generosity—especially if it’s done right and with a special touch. Creating baby shower gift baskets is fun! What’s more, you will be able to save money if you follow these steps to create a memorable gift basket for a baby shower.


1. Choose a gift basket.

You have hundreds of gift baskets to choose from. However, it will cost you a lot if you buy a basket at a specialty store. You will save more if you choose a basket from craft or discount stores.

2. Choose the goodies to fill the basket.

You have plenty of options for gift basket fillers, from baby clothes and toys to accessories for the new parents. You may want to fill the basket with lots of cute gifts. Or if you’re the practical type, you may fill it with more useful baby items.

The following are a few suggestions for gift basket goodies that will delight everyone in the baby shower:

  • Consumables – These goodies for baby shower gift baskets include baby bath products like soap and shampoo, diaper rash cream, disposable wipes, and other baby essentials. Sure, consumable baby gift items may not strike as unique gifts. But the parents of the baby will be very happy to receive them because they will always run out of baby supplies.
  • Baby bottles, bibs, and pacifiers – Like consumable items, bottles, bibs, and pacifiers are among the most frequently used baby supplies. So it never hurts to add more of them so that the parents can have them handy if they need to replace the old ones.
  • Baby garments – Clothes are also among the top baby essentials. But of course, you want to give something different since you expect the parents to receive lots of newborn clothes that the baby will quickly outgrow. So opt for baby clothes that are one size up. Also, one-piece shirts with snaps at the crotch are great fillers for baby shower gift baskets because parents can never have enough of them. You can buy them in plain white or in different colors and designs.
  • Baby food – Jelly beans, baby cookies, and other food items for the baby will be a hit at the baby shower.
  • Baby nursery items – Nursery rhyme CDs and a musical mobile with bright colors are sure to make your baby shower gift basket an impressive one at the party.

3. Do the finishing touch.

Once you have put everything together in your gift basket, it’s time to top it up with a ribbon and a bow. That’s it! You now have a baby shower gift basket! When everyone sees your gift basket, they will appreciate the effort and creativity you have put into it.

Isn’t it exciting to create a baby gift basket? Aside from the baby items and products, you’re filling it with lots of love and care, too.