3 Great Reasons to Decorate Your Baby’s Room with Nursery Wall Decals

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Looking to brighten up your baby’s room? You need nursery wall decals with a matte vinyl finish that look like a painted artwork or words. Designing your baby’s room will never be too tough. Through wall decals or wall stickers, you can magically transform your child’s room into a pleasing and eye-catching one.

1. Decals are easy to mount

Compared to other decorative objects, wall decals are very simple to install. You don’t need additional items just to make your baby’s room more attractive. In addition, it doesn’t require any special skills, tools, and materials in installing.

Want to replace your wall themes? You can simply detach decals from nursery walls without ruining the wall paint. You new wall decorations must match the nursery curtains and nursery furniture. Compared to other posters, decals don’t require tape, tacks or nails. Their smooth and flat surface make it easy for you to clean the walls.

2. There is a wide variety of designs to choose from

Wall decals come in numerous designs such as oceanic, green forests, flowers, and many more. The most popular nursery wall stickers among parents is word designs. Through these decals, you just spell out the name of your baby on the wall. You can also post some famous nursery rhymes or lullabies.

Another great option is to use themed nursery wall decals. For boys, the suitable themes are sports, airplanes, trains, and cars. Tea party, fairy, and princess are the top themes for baby girls. Many parents also pick polka dots, hearts, and swirls as nursery wall decal designs.

Mural nursery wall decals are also very in demand. These types of decals can be used to imitate detailed and vivid murals. You can use safari themes along with monkeys, giraffes, zebras, and other designs. You can also add some adorable characters like Winnie the Pooh. These nursery walls deeply allow you to make a fantasy design and style strictly for your baby.

3. Decorating a room with decals allow you to showcase your creativity

Nursery wall decals give you a lot of room, literally, for creativity. You can create your own designs and show off your creative mind. With a wall decal design of your choice, you can add personality or character to an otherwise plain room for your little one. It’s your chance to make the room come alive without much effort!

Other great reasons to use wall decals

These designs are also repositionable and movable. If you want to change or move the stickers, you can do it in an instant. Also, these wall decors are durable enough to withstand damage. You don’t have to change the wall background in your baby’s room because they will last for a long time.

Because of these reasons, a lot of parents choose to use decals to adorn the nursery walls for their baby’s room.

Have you ever designed a baby’s room with decals? How easy or difficult was the experience for you? What’s your favorite design? Share your story in the comments below.



Monogrammed Baby Clothes: Unique and Personalized Gift Idea

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Ask parents about the baby gifts they received in the past and they would tell you how they loved the personalized gifts from friends, relatives, or officemates. Personalization means so much beyond the practical use of the gift.

If you personalize your gift for a baby, that means you put a lot of effort and thought into coming up with the gift. It also means you care much about the baby and the parents that you don’t mind spending a significant amount of time or even money just to choose, buy, and wrap the gift. Not to mention that personalized gifts are naturally one of a kind. It’s no wonder why personalized baby gifts appeal to many parents.

What are monogrammed baby clothes?

Among the most popular personalized gift items for babies are monogrammed baby clothes. These baby garments are printed, embossed, embroidered, or hand painted with special characters on them. They come in two types: those with the entire first name of the child and those with the child’s initials.

Printing or embroidering a baby’s first name into a garment adds a cute and charming touch, while traditional three-letter monograms create a classic look. Very few monogrammed clothes carry the baby’s last name such as soccer shirts, which are also designed with the name of a soccer team.

Monogrammed baby garments are a hit especially among fashion-conscious parents because these are a trendy way to dress up their babies. No doubt, fancy and bright-colored monogrammed clothes look cute on infants and toddlers. These outfits are also unique since they are designed with the child’s name. And if a baby has a monogrammed outfit, no other child will ever have the same garment. A monogrammed baby clothing is an ideal gift for baby showers, birthdays, christenings, and holidays such as Easter and Christmas.

Some tips for choosing monogrammed baby garments

A wide variety of colors and designs are available to choose from, so shopping for monogrammed baby clothes can be very fun. Many specialized outlets and stores enable their customers to choose from numerous design templates and have their chosen design printed or embroidered in baby clothes.

However, monogramming baby clothing may take time, so you cannot just pick up your order on the same day you purchased it. If you have only a little time to spare, it’s recommended that you shop for monogrammed clothes online. That way, you just browsing the web for options, choose a design, and wait for your order to arrive. Over the internet, you may also find monogrammed baby accessories such as printed bags, printed shoes, embroidered hats, to name a few.

Monogrammed baby clothes are a great idea for personalized baby gifts. For sure, you will love choosing from different eye-catching designs even if it can be time-consuming most of the time. You can’t go wrong with monogrammed clothes for babies because they are cute, creative, and one of a kind!

Have you ever bought a monogrammed baby garment? What designs do you like? Let us know in the comments!

A Step-by-Step Guide to Create Inexpensive yet Memorable Baby Shower Gift Baskets

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So, you’re going to a baby shower and you have no idea yet what gift to bring. Why don’t you create a baby shower gift basket? Because you’re going to make the gift basket yourself, it will show your thoughtfulness and generosity—especially if it’s done right and with a special touch. Creating baby shower gift baskets is fun! What’s more, you will be able to save money if you follow these steps to create a memorable gift basket for a baby shower.


1. Choose a gift basket.

You have hundreds of gift baskets to choose from. However, it will cost you a lot if you buy a basket at a specialty store. You will save more if you choose a basket from craft or discount stores.

2. Choose the goodies to fill the basket.

You have plenty of options for gift basket fillers, from baby clothes and toys to accessories for the new parents. You may want to fill the basket with lots of cute gifts. Or if you’re the practical type, you may fill it with more useful baby items.

The following are a few suggestions for gift basket goodies that will delight everyone in the baby shower:

  • Consumables – These goodies for baby shower gift baskets include baby bath products like soap and shampoo, diaper rash cream, disposable wipes, and other baby essentials. Sure, consumable baby gift items may not strike as unique gifts. But the parents of the baby will be very happy to receive them because they will always run out of baby supplies.
  • Baby bottles, bibs, and pacifiers – Like consumable items, bottles, bibs, and pacifiers are among the most frequently used baby supplies. So it never hurts to add more of them so that the parents can have them handy if they need to replace the old ones.
  • Baby garments – Clothes are also among the top baby essentials. But of course, you want to give something different since you expect the parents to receive lots of newborn clothes that the baby will quickly outgrow. So opt for baby clothes that are one size up. Also, one-piece shirts with snaps at the crotch are great fillers for baby shower gift baskets because parents can never have enough of them. You can buy them in plain white or in different colors and designs.
  • Baby food – Jelly beans, baby cookies, and other food items for the baby will be a hit at the baby shower.
  • Baby nursery items – Nursery rhyme CDs and a musical mobile with bright colors are sure to make your baby shower gift basket an impressive one at the party.

3. Do the finishing touch.

Once you have put everything together in your gift basket, it’s time to top it up with a ribbon and a bow. That’s it! You now have a baby shower gift basket! When everyone sees your gift basket, they will appreciate the effort and creativity you have put into it.

Isn’t it exciting to create a baby gift basket? Aside from the baby items and products, you’re filling it with lots of love and care, too.


Top 4 Recommended Gifts for a Baby Boy

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Choosing a new baby boy gift is a lot easier than it seems. While it is true that buying gifts for baby girls is easier than for boys, the options for baby boy gifts are plenty these days. The following are some examples of new baby boy gift ideas that make great symbols for welcoming that cute little boy:

Little Man Gift Set

Packed in a handsome keepsake box, put together a gift set that includes all the clothes for the little boy. Some variations of this gift package even include photo albums and other keepsake items that are useful for preserving the sweet memories of the baby boy.

Customized Sail Boat

Any gift item personalized with the baby boy’s name on it will surely be a great surprise for the parents. Some gifts for newborn boys come in nautical themes and can be used as decors for the nursery room. Other themes suitable for baby boys include superheroes, comic characters, animals, and many others.

Baby Boy Beddings

The new prince in the family needs a comfortable crib complete with beddings for a good night’s sleep. And nothing compares to a luxurious set of comforters, pillows, blankets, quilts that are fit for a little king. A new baby boy gift set consisting of beddings is a very practical present for proud parents of a baby boy.

Diaper Package

Who says diapers don’t make lovely presents for babies? Babies pee several times in a day, and for sure, parents will run out of diaper supplies. Save them from the headache of having to buy another pack of diapers by gifting them with a package of diapers along with other baby essentials such as toys and grooming items.

Are you ready to buy a new baby boy gift now? Make sure that you choose something that’s useful and suitable for a baby boy.

What to Give to a Baby Girl: 5 Gift Ideas Fit for a Tiny Princess

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Newborn girls deserve nothing less than special. These little princesses are a heaven-sent gift for their parents, and it’s a great idea to give them cute and useful baby girl gifts. If you have a friend who’s recently given birth to a baby girl, why not join the celebration for the newborn? Giving the little one a memorable baby girl gift is enough to show your thoughtfulness.

Looking for baby girl gifts? If you want something unique, here are a few suggestions:

Classic baby bodysuits
Also known as onesies, these baby garments make a great new baby girl presents because parents could not have enough clothes for their baby girl. Classic baby bodysuits are a must in every wardrobe of baby girls, as they provide comfort by keeping the lower back and stomach protected from cold air.

Baby bunch bouquets
These lovely gifts resemble a bouquet of flowers, consisting of different garments for baby girls that form the shapes of flowers. They make interesting gifts for baby showers.

Designer diaper cakes
Essentially, these new baby girl gifts are made up of diapers layered and designed to form a cake. Aside from diapers, such multi-layered “cakes” may contain other baby essentials for little girls such as dolls, soaps, lotions, pacifiers, and other baby girl accessories.

Personalized kid’s wall art
If you have enough money to spare, it’s good to give something that can be used to decorate the nursery walls of the little princess. You can order canvas wall art pieces and have them customized according to your taste. Without a doubt, wall art pieces are a unique baby gift that any parent just couldn’t resist.

Bathtub baby gift basket for girls
A baby girl should always stay fresh and clean. Help the parents achieve this by giving them a cute girl-themed bathtub baby gift basket that’s filled with all the essential bath products and accessories, including toys.

What makes these new baby girl gifts extremely special is the uniqueness that comes with them. Give one of them as a gift, and make the proud parents even happier.

Personalized Baby Items: A Great Way to Welcome a Newborn

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What is the best way to welcome a newborn to the world? Give your baby some personalized items! Typically, personalized baby items come with the name or initials and birth date of the baby. Personalized baby gifts may be used for a limited time, but the distinct memories associated with them will definitely last.

Deciding what personalized things to buy for your little one can be challenging. For one, there are thousands of personalized items for babies to choose from. Keep in mind that a great personalized baby item represents the relationship between you and the baby. That means it should be well-thought, special, and comes with your personal touch.

Here are some wonderful ideas for personalized items to give to your new little bundle of joy:

Go practical with a basket full of baby care goodies

You can get a baby gift basket filled with all the stuff that needed for baby like powder, soap, shampoo, diapers, disposable wipes, and baby garments.

Go cutesy or sentimental with baby items
If you want to go beyond the baby essentials, here are some great ideas:

  • A cute and cuddly teddy bear or stuffed toy embroidered with the child’s name or initials
  • Monogrammed baby shirts and dresses embroidered with the baby’s name
  • Engraved keepsake boxes
  • Embroidered baby blankets
  • Personalized baby nursery furniture
  • Baby books
  • Hand-painted items such as room décor
  • Baby plates in cartoon character designs
  • Cute nursery wall decals

Add photos for a more personalized touch

You can include solo photos of the child or photos of the parents with their baby in the baby book, photo frame, or photo album that you’re going to create as a keepsake of your baby’s development.

Getting personalized items for a baby is a great way to welcome the little one’s arrival and show your love as a parent or relative.