Fur Babies & Real Babies

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Are you expecting a real baby, but also have a well loved fur baby already at home? While you are preparing for yourself and your healthy baby, don’t forget about the wellness of your animal at home. There are a lot of changes happening in their life whether the baby has arrived or not! To prepare your pet for a new baby at home, here are a few things to check off your list:

  • Animal Wellness & Preventative Pet Care Check Ups – Are they up to date on all of their shots, and feeling well? If something is off with your dog or cat, why don’t you schedule a vet appointment.
  • Dental Care – Healthy gums and teeth are vital to your pet. While you are there for their wellness exam, have their teeth and gums checked out as well.

With these two steps under your belt, you know your pet is well taken care of and up to date so you can rest easy focusing on the new baby! Now, to prepare your animal and baby to meet is another process! Here are a few tips and tricks to help ease into their new best friend relationship.

  • Establish dominance. If you have not already, and work out any unwanted habits your animal may still be having issues with.
  • Claim your babies scent.┬áBring an item that contains your baby’s scent, such as a burp cloth, from the hospital before bringing home the baby.
  • Controlled introduction. Drain all of your pet’s energy out of them so they are the most calm. Parents must be holding the baby in a very calm state. Slowly let the animals get closer and closer to the baby when you both feel comfortable.
  • Teach your baby. When your child is old enough, supervise and teach respectful rules on how to handle your family dog or cat.
  • Don’t forget about your pet when the baby arrives. Remember to provide extra attention to them during nap time, walks, etc.

With keeping your animal healthy and trained, it should be a breeze to introduce your loved dog or cat to your new baby. Remember the baby’s safety is most important, and if professional training is required, please keep that in mind as a baby is very fragile. Your local vet should be able to assist with check ups and advice in other tips on introducing babies to your fur babies.