Building Bonds Between Babies & Seniors

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When you’re expecting a new child into your household, it can be a huge milestone as a family, adding in a new member. If you happen to have elderly parents or family members who are involved in your household, it’s even more of a momentous occasion, as you’re able to have a large variety of family interactions that can help build meaningful, lasting relationships and bonds between family members, both new and old.

A new life can bring joy and happiness to all family members, not just immediate ones. When seniors are involved with the lives and upbringing of their grandchildren, they are more likely to be happier and live more fulfilling lives on their own. There have been numerous studies that show that seniors who are active in the lives and activities of their families are leading more enjoyable lives that are truly letting them be content. After a lifetime of looking after others, raising their own family, and being at the head of family-related matters, looking down at a new generation brings an immense sense of pride and accomplishment. Whether you are involved with your senior parents at your own house, or through a senior care agency, bringing them to be involved with your baby is important!

It’s absolutely vital when bringing a new child into this world that you involve the grandparents if possible. Creating relationships and allowing grandparents to interact with the child will bring peace and happiness to not only yourself, but the grandparents, and eventually, the young child as well. Building strong, lasting bonds with different generations is a great foundation for building a healthy, vibrant family. There are a variety of activities that you can pursue with seniors that involve children that can help them grow and flourish and lead to great bonds.

Our top choices for activities between babies and seniors include:

  1. Day Out At The Park – One of the easiest, most relaxing activities for both a senior and a child include heading out to the park to take advantage of a beautiful day. Regardless of any activities you may have planned at the park, simply walking around and being outdoors is a great bonding experience, regardless of the age. Grab a few friends, and their babies too, and make it a group outing!
  2. Relaxing At Home – An alternative to heading out to the park, if you aren’t up for going out into a potentially crowded area, you may want to just hang out at home and relax as a family. Depending on the age of the seniors, and mental and physical conditions, this may be the better choice than heading out to the park.

Newborns and seniors are the opposite ends of a generation. There are both beginnings and endings involved in the family, but it’s absolutely vital that both are together, in sync and cooperating. Building a valuable, lasting bond can be a huge factor in both the baby and the senior living wholesome, fulfilling lives.