4 Tips for Hosting a Baby Shower

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Baby ShowerWhen it’s your turn to host a baby shower for your best friend, sister, or daughter, you’re probably experiencing a lot of different emotions. You’re honored to be asked to host such an important event, you’re thrilled that your loved one is expecting a child, and you’re anxious and overwhelmed at the prospect of having to throw a baby shower together all by yourself. These tips will make the whole process a little easier and help you throw a baby shower that everyone will love.

  1. Make it a Drop-In Shower

Instead of requiring that your guests show up at a specific time and stay for a certain number of hours, consider making the baby shower a more casual, drop-in event. That way, instead of groaning when they get the invitation, your guests will be excited at the prospect of an enjoyable afternoon. Drop-in showers take the pressure off your guests and let people enjoy the shower their own way, whether they want to come and socialize for three hours straight, or they’d rather drop by, give the mom-to-be a hug and a gift, and get back to their normal day sooner. You don’t need to hold people captive for an entire day or set a strict schedule of activities to throw an amazing baby shower.

  1. Give Your Guests Real FoodDefazio's Shower catering

Enough of this cheese and crackers nonsense – when you invite people over for a party, they should be able to expect real food. Do some research and find a caterer that meets your budget and your needs and book them well in advance. Choosing a menu can seem daunting, but a good caterer will be able to help you design something that will suit everyone’s tastes and needs. Make sure you have a range of foods so that people with allergies or dietary restrictions can still find something to eat. Fresh fruit and veggies work for most people, so consider stocking up on those. Consider a buffet style setup so people can graze throughout the party. If you’re looking for a caterer in Central Virginia, DeFazio’s Catering is one of the most sought-after caterers in the area. They can help you design the perfect menu for your event and make sure there’s something delicious for everybody.

3. Keep the Games Low-Pressure

Baby shower games are a great way to make the event feel more special and fun, but if you’re going to do games, keep it casual. No one wants to be forced to participate in a game that takes a long time or has a strict set of rules. Have games that people can participate in at any time during the party as they please. Something like matching celebrity baby names to their famous parent can be fun and low-key, and a onesie decorating station is always a popular option. If you stay away from anything too intense or embarrassing, everyone will have a great time.

  1. Always Keep Mom-to-Be in Mind

You want every single guest to have an amazing time at the baby shower you’re throwing, but the most important person there is the mother-to-be. When choosing a menu, games, décor, the guest list, and more, always think of what the soon-to-be mom in your life would want. Have her favorite foods there, don’t invite anyone she doesn’t get along with, and decorate with her favorite colors or motif. If she loves games, make sure to have plenty of fun things planned – but keep it simple. If she’s more lowkey, just create a relaxing, love-filled atmosphere and let everyone enjoy each other’s company. If you keep the mom-to-be in mind with every decision, you’ll be sure to throw the perfect baby shower.